24 January 2009

Finally caught on camera!

It's not a big smile but it's the first I've caught on video.
He seems to know that's what I wanted because he turns to smile at the camera rather than at me!
Or perhaps he's not smiling at the camera but at YOU!


gretta at lothlorien said...

Lovely!A real Harrison Ford smile!!!!

Jenny said...


Our Red House said...

He's so adorable!


sam becca and zach said...

such a gorgeous smile! he is adorable pip. And you sound like such a wonderful mum. xxxx

Benjamin Ady said...

Dear little David - I'm smiling back at you!
Did you know that your Grandpa David was called 'Taffy' when he was little? Apparently a Welsh variation of David. May I call you that perhaps?
Love AUntie Megan

baker st jones said...

lovely boy

aunty anita


Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

Thanks, Sam. The funny thing is that it reminds me of the in-love sort of giggle that you used to do on early videos of Zach! Being a parent is wonderful.

Megan, David is sleeping now but I'll ask him when he wakes. I suspect he would be quite happy for you to call him Taffy. And thanks for the smile!

Madeleine said...

hi david is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!