21 February 2008

21st Feb

I just tried to put a great video on from this morning but couldn't make it work. Never mind.
Here's where we're at now... starting to look like a house!

Here Victor is sitting next to his brother - at the little table and benches Victor made yesterday! They are sorting out yesterday's receipts.

The workers are preparing to build the horizontal cement beams.
Here they are giving you all a wave. (They're very proud of the fact that their work is featured on our blog!)
Victor with his Dad. His Dad is going regularly to the hospital for treatment of his arthritis, so he's going to stay at the land tonight.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Wow! am so excited for you. It's happening! I go round the house looking at your things, eg: Beatrix Potter sheet set, thinking: that will have to go to the new house! Much love

Megs said...

please tell Victor's Dad I'm saying a prayer for him!
love Megs

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Thank you Mum and Sister-in-law. We are looking for you to come and visit us and stay in our lovely home.
love Victor