15 February 2008

Enough holes ... now let's fill them with cement!


sam and becca said...

wowowowowowow!! this is all so great! how exciting for you guys. building your own place, brilliant. i hope it all goes really smoothly.
love you guys. sb&b

gretta at lothlorien said...

Oh, I want to be there! I'd bake them a cake. We were to go to Nell's and Tom's for lunch today but she rang in sick. I'd made a pav.

Megs said...

i am so pleased you have a camera again Rachel! it's so amazing, planting Coconut trees, having this beautiful view of a mountain, sipping your first cup of tea on your land...

love you

baker st jones said...

it looks SO exciting...can't wait to stay there!



Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Oh, thank you all for being excited for us!
It is very fun. Getting to be just a little bit stressful (because,of course, everything costs more than you think at first) but still mostly great fun. And because it's largely Victor's family doing the work we're helping them out lots too.
And yes, do all come and stay!