11 February 2008

Planting Trees- 4th Feb

Last week we planted the first (of many, I hope) trees on our land: 5 coconut trees along the front edge above the canal.

Actually, Victor did the planting. Can you see all 5? And our little car up on the road.

I sat in the shade of the mango tree and had my first-ever cup of tea on our land! Equally important, I think! It was such a beautiful day (unseasonal rain last week cleared the air and settled the dust) and made me really excited about the prospect of LIVING here.

Isn't it beautiful? Our bedroom will face this direction so that we have this view of Doi Suthep, the big mountain that lies alongside Chiang Mai.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Wow! Am overwhelmed. You'll have lots of coconut cream. But the beauty of the place!

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Actually, we'll still have to get our coconut cream from the market. It's too difficult a process to extract it yourself. But we'll have plenty of coconut milk - you can drink some when you come!