28 February 2008

2nd storey! Feb 27th

They've finished all the crossbeams between the floors and are beginning on the concrete uprights for the 2nd storey. It's suddenly looking like it's going to be a very big house! (You'll all have to come and stay some time...)

Once again they put up these metal moulds...

...and then pour in the cement. Actually, this guy is just passing up the cement, but you get the idea.
You may have noticed the cigarettes - they just roll tobacco in a banana leaf! It has that great tobacco smell of a pipe.


gretta at lothlorien said...

WONDERFUL!!!! It looks so good. Sorry about the landslide, though. Will that ground water be piped to the house?? Great that it's so good. Rach, your photos are great - usable for cards, etc. A book?? Are those lemons? on your land?? Much love, Mum

sam and becca said...

wow it is looking excellent!! great photos pip. and so great seeing mark and tara! how lovely. sam x

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

So many questions!
Yes, we will use that water for our house. We weren't sure if we'd be able to but the quality is great. We'll still use the filter for drinking.
They're not lemons. Some sort of fruit. They're not from our land. I don't know where they came from actually. They were just spread out drying so I took a picture.
Thanks for the compliments. Which would be good for cards? I'll have to make some more.

Megs said...

how many bedrooms Rachel and Victor?
Lovely hearing your voices on February 27th (the best day of the year!) We would LOVE to take you up on your invitation to come and stay some day! Love M

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

3 bedrooms (but one will be study).
I found out those fruit are dates! They bought them at the market. I've loved dates all my life and never knew what they looked like.

baker st jones said...

Everything's bigger in Thailand it seems, the house seems huge and that cigarette.