28 February 2008


We had a mini-landslide the other day at our land. Early on the team dug a big hole - more than 3m deep. They then dug a further couple of metres and put in concrete rings. This was all to get to the ground water. As it turned out, a couple of metres down they found excellent sand (which they've been able to use for the cement). The sand meant that the water was very clean - they've been using it even for drinking water.
This first picture was taken on Monday when we arrived, looking down into the hole - you can see the pump set up.

A bit later on we all heard the noise and everyone came running to look.

One side of the hole had been underdug too much and had completely collapsed. Thankfully noone was down there at the time. Those blue buckets from the first picture got completely crushed. The top cement ring got pushed aside (but not broken). The pump was fine.
Victor was most indignant - he'd warned them when we arrived of the risk. So he had them all busy preventing any further damage. They cleared the mud out of the well (not an easy job), then lowered in three more cement rings and built up the earth around them.

They then re-set the pump (Victor's there in yellow). No more drinking the water for at least a few days!

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