17 August 2007

more pics from hot springs picnic...

Some of the beautiful countryside on the way to Sankampaeng. Everything is so green now, with lots of newly-planted rice.

Victor at the hot water pool (for cooking eggs).

Our eggs cooking in cute bamboo baskets.

Another butterfly.

And our picnic. (hot springs in background)


Megs said...

it{s so wonderful to have you back in the world of blogging Rachel! And do you know about facebook.com? Mum is just learning how to get on it, and all your siblings are on it!!!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Rachel. I just happened to check your old blog site...which lead me here!
Victor's hair has got a lot longer.
I'm glad we can see where you live.

gretta at lothlorien said...

Yes, wonderful to see your home at last. Well done Rachel. Countryside looks beautiful. Victor's hair looks good. Did you use cutter things??

Rachel Jones said...

Hi Jenny!
Must put on some new pics - Victor's hair is very short again!