17 August 2007

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new Chiang Mai blog! After many attempts I have finally figured out how to get blogger to speak English with me.
Here is our house - the butter-coloured one, and Victor on our motorcycle.

By the way, this is really Rachel's blog, but Victor might join me every now and then. And he will be featured regularly.
And here is the other member of our family, Khaw, and his best friend, at the back of our house. "Khaw" means "white" in Thai.


baker st jones said...

Hello and welcome to your new blog. Actually we're all into 'facebook' now, but blogs are excellent for seeing your life. love TOM.

Megs said...

i'm very glad you have a cat Rachel! You're somehow more complete when you have a cat to purr with! love you, Meg

gretta at lothlorien said...

I love your blog! Dad here. It helps picture you and your life. Thank you! love Dad

gretta at lothlorien said...

Khaw is very beautiful and I'm glad he (she?) has a friend. The butter coloured home is the prettiest.Yes, thanks for persisting with your blog.

Rachel Jones said...

Glad to have you all visit!
Tom, facebook is not going to happen. I get such precious little time on the internet that I don't want to spend it figuring out something new. Sorry.
Khaw is very sweet. He (we think he) has lots of friends. They go about in a group. This one is his special friend. (We used to think his "special friend" but have decided the friend is a boy too.)

Rachel Jones said...

Hah! Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our blog. Today we went to Queen's Garden in Chiang Mai. SO fantastic for our rest day. Hope you are all fine.
See you later.
God bless,
Victor (and Rachel)