30 August 2007

our kitchen

This is to show you what our kitchen was like when we moved in. This photo is taken from roughly the same position as the photo below of Victor and B sitting at our kitchen table - the one where you can see the fridge and sink.
That yellow pipe is the electricity and the blue one is water.
The floor is tiled and the walls are cement.
I think we've improved things somewhat, don't you?


baker st jones said...



baker st jones said...

i love the kitchen cabinets


sam and becca said...

oh my goodness! the kitchen is great pip!

gretta at lothlorien said...

Yes. Unbelievably

Jenny said...

The change is amazing Rachel.
Sorry I have not put pen to paper yet. I've been a bit up and down, and all over the place.

Megs said...

good work!

frogs friend said...

Hey Rachel and Victor thanks for the postcards . love to see the difference already in peoples lives and yours keep going marita