28 August 2007

Victor and B in our kitchen

Here is Victor with his school friend, B, who became a Christian in our living room about 2 months ago. Victor is doing baptism preparation with him.
I took the opportunity to take some picture. A bit repetitive, I know, but I wanted to show you a bit of our house.

One looks out the back (past our fantastic front-loading washing machine) to our very small 'yard'. You can see the cement wall which is the end of our space. It's just enough to hang clothes. (And for Khaw to lie on the warm cement. Not that the wall keeps him in.)

The other direction shows our fridge, sink unit, and out through the living room to the front door.
I must take more pics to show you. The kitchen's the most home-like room, though. Tiles and cement are good for cleaning, but not very cosy.


gretta at lothlorien said...

I can't believe you put in all that furniture yourselves!! Kitchen cupboards look quite nice. Thanks for the photos. I just love to be able to visualise you. Much love

sam and becca said...
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sam and becca said...

pip, it is lovely. you have made it look so nice. i hope that we can come and visit some time :)