17 August 2007

Picnic at the Hot Springs

A few weeks ago we had a public holiday and so headed out of Chiang Mai about an hour to Sankampaeng Hot Springs. What a great day! It was our first (and only, so far) picnic in Thialand.

We took some eggs to boil in the hot spring water. Victor then ate them with some packet noodles he had brought. I stuck to a cup of tea and some dried apple.

The gardens there are really beautiful - and clean! (amazing for Thailand!)
One of the great benefits of life in the tropics is the butterflies. They are everywhere and all colours and sizes. I love them.

We also had a bathe in a tub of hot spring water - so good! Even in the steamy weather a hot bath was great!
More pics will have to come separately...


gretta at lothlorien said...

More picnics!!! Could you collect butterflies?

Rachel Jones said...

It's all only the one picnic. Just from different angles.

I've never liked the pin-through-the-butterfly thing. I remember when I was very young in some big museum being horrified at the butterfly display.
But I love to watch butterflies. Maybe I'll collect photos of them.