28 August 2007

Mothers' Day at church

Mothers' Day is a big deal in Thailand. It's celebrated on the Queen's birthday. Our church had a special games day. We always all have lunch together after the morning service (about 100 people). On Mothers' Day this was followed by games until about 5pm. You can see the enthusiasm of our worship leader.
A special song for Mums. Most of the children in this 'choir' live in an orphanage run by one of our church members. They come to church every week. Can you spot Victor? (He passed himself off as a big kid. Fair enough.)
At the end of the service all the Mums came forward and we prayed for them. Then all their children came and prayed for their own Mum, and the Mums blessed their children. I though of my Mum and cried.

Victor's Mum stayed with us for the weekend of Mothers' Day so that Victor could bring her to our church celebrations.

Let the games begin! Red vs White, with Victor the ref in black.

(more pics of games in the next blog entry...)

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gretta at lothlorien said...

Lovely to see V with his Mum, but I am sad too, not to have been there. One day.